10 Money Saving Habits You Should Know

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Are you saving money for a car? Maybe you want to buy a new house. Or do you just need some extra spending money to hit the town on the weekends? No matter what you’re saving for, you can’t do it overnight. Instead, you need to develop and cultivate some great habits that will help you save money over time. In this way, you can slowly build your wealth to do with what you want.

Save Your Money With These Great Tips

1. Air dry your clothing

If your electricity bill is high every month, invest in an inexpensive driving back and start air drying your clothing instead of using a dryer. It will make your clothes last longer as well.

2. Turn off the lights

You may be used to leaving lights on in your house when you are not even in the same room as them or when you leave the house entirely. Turn those lights off!

3. Walk more

Walking is great for your health, and if you live close enough to get where you’re going by walking, take the opportunity to do this and avoid using your car all the time.

4. Take public transportation or carpool

If you can’t walk to where you need to go, try public transportation, or take a carpool with friends or coworkers.

5. Cut and color your own hair

Going to the salon for a cut and color can cost more than $100. Learn how to cut and color your own hair at home or get a friend to do it.

6. Learn how to mend your clothes

Do you throw away clothes that get holes or rips in them? Do you donate a shirt when the button falls off? If so, start mending these problems instead of replacing the items completely.

7. Pack a lunch

If you are used to going out to lunch while at work, try packing your lunch instead to save up to $50 each week. You will also be healthier.

8. Stop smoking

Smoking is one of the leading causes of death in the United States today. Quitting will not only save your health and extend your life, but it will also make your bank account grow.

9. Stay in when you hang out with friends

Going out on the town with friends can get expensive, so why not stay in? Rotate among your house and your friends’ houses. Have a game tonight or a dinner party.

10. Keep track of your spending and saving

Finally, just make sure that you are keeping track of all the money you’re spending and saving. By doing this alone, you will be able to track your savings or see where you need work.