3 Easy Ways to keep your Family on a Laundry Schedule

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When you are the head of your household, it can be difficult to make sure everything runs smoothly on a daily basis. One of the toughest things to take control of is the laundry.

Most dads and moms who are in charge of laundry for the family feel that keeping everyone on a fixed laundry schedule is the best way to go and with good reason. When everyone keeps track of their own laundry and makes sure to follow a set of rules, you will have clean clothes for your family all the time and at little expense to you. Here are some tips for making sure to keep your family on an easy laundry schedule that will save you a lot of time, money and energy.

Have a Separating System in Place

The first thing you will want to do is to make sure everyone divides their clothes into separate receptacles as they throw them into the laundry. If you don’t do this, you run the risk of family members just haphazardly tossing their clothes into the laundry basket or shoot. In this way, you would have to take hours each week to separate the clothes or turn them inside out or right side in.

Instead of doing this, make sure you have a receptacle for excessively dirty clothes, dark clothes and light clothes. Some people also have a different receptacle for things like sheets and towels. Clothes that need to be dry cleaned or that are extremely delicate should also be set aside in a different receptacle.

Have a Laundry Day

To make things even easier, have a day that is set aside especially for doing laundry. Some families may ask that all members fold their own laundry while other families may designate one person to do this each week. The choice is yours, but doing all of the laundry on a certain day helps to keep things regulated in the house. That way, you know when you will have new clothes for the week. The weekends are a great time to do laundry because there is a better chance that everyone will be home.

Stock up on Supplies

When you do the laundry well, it ensures that you keep your clothes looking nice for longer. To do the laundry well, however, you need to make sure you’re stocked up on supplies. Don’t skimp on inexpensive detergents that will ruin your clothes. Make sure you also have stain removers to get out tough stains, and things like dryer sheets or dryer balls. Also have a sewing kit on hand for when rips and tears happen. Doing all of this will ensure that your laundry schedule runs smoothly and that everyone has clothes to wear all the time.