3 Non-Traditional Wedding Gown Ideas to Consider

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Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! Now it’s time to plan for your special day.

The first thing to do is not plan to have a perfect day. They never happen. However, by carefully reviewing your options, you can have a unique and remarkable day in a dress that’s as unique and remarkable as you are.

Some things to consider: 1) Do you really want a white dress? 2) Is a headpiece or a veil important? If the answers to both of those questions are “YES!” then you might prefer to rent a dress for your wedding. A rented wedding ensemble gives you the chance to wear something really special (and expensive) for the wedding, receiving line and photos without breaking the bank. Renting a wedding dress also gives you storage flexibility. You may move a lot early in your marriage, and toting around a giant keepsake might not be the best use of your closet space.

If a non-traditional dress in the color of your choosing appeals to you, then the sky is the limit. From a pretty suit or a gown that makes you feel fabulous, once you break the mold from the white gown requirement, your selection can be as unique as you are. This will free up your other wardrobe and decorating options as well. If you buck tradition in your choice of wedding dress, you have more options for the wedding party, the party favors, and the decor.

Since you want to look spectacular from top to bottom, how about shoes? A gorgeous pair heels may catch your eye, but can you wear them for many hours without taking them off? Can you dance in them? Depending on the size of your wedding and the events before and after, you will be on your feet for quite a long time. There are fun ideas for you, your groom, and the entire wedding party that will keep all of you comfortable while you dance the night away.

What selections do you have in mind for the wedding party? It’s important to remember that purchasing a bridesmaid dress (too often, a garment that will never be worn again) can be a real financial burden on your friends. A creative and useful option is to choose a color scheme or a fabric and find a dressmaker. Your bridesmaids can get an outfit made in your color to their taste. This will give you a coordinated look for photos and give your friends a garment that they can use in the future.