3 Ways To Use Decorative Glass In A Hotel Setting

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Decor and ambiance are what distinguish some of the most luxurious hotels in theĀ world. There is nothing quite like walking into a grand entrance or lobby area of a luxury hotel. To create that luxurious look, hotels spend thousands of dollars hiring interior designers and sourcing all different types of expensive artwork and decorative pieces. One of the biggest trends in luxury hotels right now is the use of glass to give an elegant room a touch of modern class and sophistication. Whether the hotel is located within the U.S. or some exotic international location, the guests’ first impression set the tone for the rest of the stay. Choosing the best decor for that first impression is incredibly important.

1. Highlight your lobby with a grand chandelier.

Hanging a decorative glass chandelier in the entrance of your lobby is a great way to distinguish your hotel as a cut above the rest. It shows your guests that they can expect some opulence and classic style throughout the space. A glass chandelier is also a sign of a more traditional style so that guests do not feel like the hotel will be too modern or contemporary for their liking.

2. Place a glass sculpture in the entrance area.

If you are in the market for stand-out decor, a glass sculpture could do the trick. It will instantly catch your guests’ eyes because of the way that the piece will interact with light. A glass sculpture will send a message to your guests that they can expect a modern take on traditional elegance and that your hotel has invested in unique, innovative decor. It will help your hotel stand out right off the bat as different than the typical chains with ceramic pieces or oil paintings of flowers on the walls. A glass sculpture is a decor risk worth taking in order to make your hotel shine.

3. Incorporate a decorative stained glass window.

While this option could involve some planning, it will certainly help your hotel make a lasting first impression. Stained glass is inherently unique. While it is a sign of wonderful craftsmanship and appreciation of the arts, it will also show your guests that you are willing to invest in making the hotel a memorable place for guests to visit. A stained glass window does not necessarily have to be functional and could be positioned in the interior of the hotel, such as between sections of the lobby. A decor choice like this is so different that it will be sure to spark conversation among guests and distinguish your hotel from less sophisticated options. Thinking out of the box like this always pays off with making a good first impression on guests.