4 Essential Moving Resources to Utilize

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Bubble Wrap

Packing fragile items always tends to come with some anxiety. Kitchen items like dishes and glasses will usually do fine when wrapped in newspaper, but it is never a bad idea to pick up a few rolls of bubble wrap for your more delicate belongings. Bubble wrap is more resistant to compression, a good barrier against moisture and far less messy than crumpled old newspaper. It is also highly reusable and can be saved for future moves or given to any acquaintances that also have plans to relocate.

Plastic Storage Containers

Cardboard boxes are fine and will be the most practical way to pack most stuff, however, there are quite a few items that will fare much better in plastic storage bins. Besides being tougher than cardboard, plastic containers provide protection from spills and odors that could ruin clothes, bedsheets, and other fabrics.

Some of the hardest things to find when unpacking are the items that get used all the time. These typically are the last things to be boxed up, long after exhaustion has had a chance to cloud the memories of where exactly everything ended up. Smaller compartmented containers are perfect for organizing all those little things that have a tendency to get misplaced during the chaos of a move.

A Dolly or Hand Cart

Heavy items must be lifted in the proper and safe manner to prevent injury. Furniture, appliances and over packed boxes can be exhausting to move. The fatigue can make heavy lifting more risky. A moving cart or dolly is an excellent energy and time saver, especially when dealing with heavy and unwieldy items. The better ones have straps for securing loads and two sets of wheels for laying down vertically, which increases loading capacity. These are generally available to rent from the same businesses that rent out moving trucks and trailers.


One of the many things that is commonly understood among friends is that they is obliged to lend a hand if one asks for help moving house. They do not have to be physically strong, although that does help when it is time to move heavy furniture. There are many ways a friend can provide assistance during a move. Some may own a truck you could borrow, others might prefer to clean or just be there to help make the process more enjoyable. In situations where the move is rather far away and visits may be infrequent, this can be an opportunity to create a few more good memories.