4 Simple Reasons Water Bottles Make a Wonderful Gift

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Water bottles make wonderful gifts for any age and any personality. Face it, everyone needs and drinks water every day. Purchasing a unique and personalized style for a friend or family member will give so much to that person in return. The following are the advantages and benefits of giving a water bottle as a special gift:

A person with a water bottle can fill it up almost anywhere. He will not have to stop at a store to purchase water or stock his refrigerator all the time with throw-away bottles. If the individual is set on having purified or spring water at all times, he can purchase a large container of this type of water and place it in his refrigerator for easy filling.

You may have a friend or family member who just doesn’t drink enough water. Providing this person with a colorful and easy-to-carry style will encourage him to drink more of this vital beverage. Some bottles even have their own filtration systems for even more health benefits. Giving this as a gift shows that you care about his health and well-being.

Instead of purchasing the individual throwaways, having a water bottle that you can fill up anytime and anyway will save big bucks over time. You will not have to spend money on water at the store or every time you fill up with gas. Some of the brands have become very expensive and with a water bottle, you will no longer have to choose from the varieties offered.

Adding sprigs of mint, or a slice of lemon, lime, orange, or ginger will make the water even more refreshing. And the container can be filled with so many other beverages such as sports drinks, lemonade, or tea. Put the bottle in your freezer with just a small amount of water at the bottom and you will have instant ice the next day that will keep your beverage cold for hours.

There are so many other benefits that a water bottle provides. It saves the environment from countless waste from tossed plastic bottles, it is a perfect gift for anyone of any age, can be purchased at a variety of venues, and lasts for months, or even years, before it needs to be replaced.

As is clearly illustrated, the benefits of giving this item as a gift are huge. Friends and family will definitely enjoy receiving them in their favorite colors, sizes, and styles. Even toddlers will want to replace their sippy cups with these fun containers. For extra pizzazz, fill them up with other small gifts such as candy, small toys, nail polish, small cologne or perfume bottles, or cosmetics, before giving them to the individual. They will be so appreciative of your generosity and thoughtfulness.