4 Tricks to Designing a Challenge Coin for Your Next Company Event

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Challenge coins started as a military tradition, but they have long since spread to civilian life. They’re a great way to commemorate a company event, but getting the design right will take some work. A good design is the difference between a cherished memento and minor trinket, so it’s important to do a good job. Fortunately, there are a few techniques that can make that job easier.

Include Your Logo

Your company’s logo is a great place to start with your design. If your event is focused on the company itself, then it might be a complete design on its own. If the event focuses on a partnership between your business and a charity, or otherwise involves other groups, your logo can still be valuable. Try to create a design that mergers a symbol of your company with something that reflects the details of the event, such as the emblem of a charity group or whatever goal the event is meant to support. That will help to make sure that people remember why they went to the event in the first place, instead of placing all of the focus on your business.

Trust The Experts

Graphic design is much more complicated than many people realize. Challenge coins introduce more complexity, since they need to pack detail into a small place. Many of the companies that produce challenge coins will also have designers on hand that can help to create a good coin. Don’t hesitate to call on their services, either to create something from scratch or to edit something that you created.

Use Both Sides

A coin has two faces, and you should make use of both. You could put the same design on both sides, but that is wasting an opportunity to add detail and flair to the coin. If you want the coin to represent multiple groups or ideas, but you can’t combine all of those ideas into one image, split them between the two faces. For example, a networking event between two companies could have a coin that puts each company’s logo on a single side of the coin.

Choose The Patina Carefully

Many people treat their challenge coin’s patina, or finish, like an afterthought, but that is a mistake. It’s the first thing that people see when they look at the coin, and it can also have an impact on the rest of the design. A coin that is purely metallic will look very different from one that includes enamel or other coloring, and the design elements that look good on one can look awful on another. This is a complicated choice, so it’s one of the areas where a professional designer’s input will be especially useful.