4 Ways To Incorporate Cannabis In Your Everyday Life

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If you’re looking for a way to incorporate cannabis into your everyday life, then we have 4 great ways for you to do that! Please note that each of these ideas has a multitude of ways to enjoy. From more traditional ways – like smoking – to the newer fads – like eating – we have covered four of the easiest “umbrellas” you can use to get cannabis in every day!

1 – Smoke it. 

Whether you prefer a joint or a pipe, smoking your cannabis is an easy way to fit it into your day. It takes almost no prep time, and you’ll feel the effects quickly enough. Just take into account that some types of cannabis will make you feel energetic, while others will make you quite sleepy. Plan accordingly!

2 – Drink it. 

Yes, for those of you who don’t know, you can drink your cannabis! While most opt for a cannabis tea, you can also easily make delicious smoothies using cannabutter or oil. This is one great way to have your weed and enjoy it, too! Look up tons of delicious recipes for smoothies, or create your own.

3 – Vape it. 

While this is technically still “smoking” your cannabis, using a bong and vaping are seen as a little better for your body, as the water in bongs purifies the smoke. It’s also a little easier for those with a little more on their plate, as you can walk away from a bong and it will ‘stay’ for a little while. Versus a joint, where it is likely to burn itself out quickly if you need to put it down.

4 – Eat it.

Probably everyone has heard of pot brownies, and maybe even weed cookies, but you can actually incorporate cannabis into a lot of different dishes and meals. From the butter you put on your toast, to the oil you cook curries in, you can eat tons of scrumptious meals using cannabis. You can find recipes ranging from simple and beginner to extravagant.

Cannabis is one of those great, versatile herbs that can do so much more than just get you high – it can heal your body. So whether you enjoy cannabis for its recreational properties, or because you’re healing from a multitude of ailments, you now know that you have a few great ways to incorporate it into your day-to-day life!