4 Ways To Make The Most Out Of Your Retractable Awning

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One of the best investments that you can make in your home is the purchase of retractable awnings. Aesthetically appealing and enhancing to your overall house design, awnings can be drawn back or put up or down at will and serve to compliment your style preferences.

However, making a statement about your style is not the only thing retractable awnings are good for; their usefulness exceeds any alluring curb appeal they may offer to onlookers. Here are our four top ways that retractable awnings work on your behalf besides visually speaking.

1- Providing A Cooling Shade

In some regions, outdoor temperatures can reach upwards to 100 degrees. However, with a cooling shade as given by an awning, life can be made all the more pleasant.

Yes, trees can offer shade if they’re located in the right position relative to your home. However, they can also be costly to maintain and a mess after stormy weather passes. With retractable awnings that problem simply does not exist. Simply stretch them out when you need them, and draw them back when you don’t.

2- Protection From The Elements

From light winter snow falls to heavy summer rains, retractable awnings have long been known to help protect those sitting underneath from the elements. According to some industry standards, and depending on the material it’s made of, many awnings can effectively block out up to 98 percent of the sun’s UV rays.

Building wise, the heat falling on a building structure can be reduced by up to 77 percent; moreover awnings they help reduce indoor temperatures by as much as 15 degrees.

Not surprisingly, the Center For Disease And Control (CDC) has recommended the use of awnings to help protect individuals from skin cancer.

3- Allergen Protection

With the newer, non allergen materials in use by manufacturers today, such as aluminum, corrugated fiberglass and polycarbonates, common allergens like molds and mildews have a harder time accumulating on awnings, curtains and canopies in general.

4- Extra Space And Privacy To Your House

There’s nothing like having a protective covering to an outdoor patio in your yard to give an added perspective of space to your home and an illusion of expansion. When your awning area is protected by a surrounding wall or hedge for privacy issues, potential buyers will take a second look in deciding to buy or rent your property.

There you have it: our top four benefits to owning a retractable awning. Listed in the Top Hottest Trends in housing markets for 2015, outdoor living and retractable awnings easily fit into this scenario. When fitted by industry experts, and enhanced by motorized awnings as opposed to manual lifts, you’ll easily see why thousands of people opt to go with retractable awnings in their home designs.