5 Advantages to Moving to a Small Town

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As many people are making their homes in large cities like Chicago, Los Angeles, and Miami, many others are choosing small towns like Paris, TN, or Durango, CO to call home. Living in a small town certainly offers an array of advantages over life in a big city and for a large number of the population, nothing could be better. Here are 5 awesome advantages you’ll enjoy with a move to a small town.

1. Less Congestion

Bumper-to-bumper traffic is all a part of a day in the life of a city resident. Moving to a small town alleviates the traffic, the hour-long two-mile drives, and the frustrations that accompany the traffic congestion.

2. Get to know the Neighbors

Long, long ago, people were friendly and kind and unafraid of meeting the person next door. It was only expected that you’d get to know your neighbors a bit more. With life in the city, knowing the neighbors may be impossible, but in a small town, it is inevitable. A friendly wave of the hand as you meet another car driving down the road; a nice warm apple pie to welcome you to the neighborhood; and the simple pleasure of knowing those residing beside you.

3. All-Around Better Environment

If you have children, you’ll appreciate the laid-back, simple lifestyle that is offered with small-town living, but that’s not all. The air in small towns is better thanks to less pollution. Everyone in the family can breath better in a small town!

4. Less Crime

Small towns are generally quite without a lot of drama going on since there aren’t as many bars and clubs or spaces for people to congregate and start trouble. Breaking and entering is a crime that you shouldn’t worry to bad about because if you’re in a small town, there’s a good chance you’ll know the person on the other side.

5. More Space

Living in a small town increases the odds you’ll live in a house rather than in an apartment or condo, thus offering more space to call your own. With your own house, you’ll also gain a yard where the kids can play, you can create a vegetable garden, and keep lavishly landscaped and attractive to the eyes.

Move to a Small Town Today

Life is easy in a small town. Residents of small towns live longer, healthier lives than their counterparts in the city, in addition to enjoying the five benefits listed above. Perhaps it is in a small town that you belong.