5 Benefits of Digital Signage for Your Business

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Digital Signage can fit into whatever type of business that you run, whether it be an ice cream shop, art gallery, mall, etc. and helps to serve many purposes.  Let’s take a look at 5 different benefits of digital signage for your business.

Ability to Interact and Engage Customers

Digital Signage is a great way to get the attention of your customers, and to get them involved. You can use engaging content on your screens to help people to sign up for your social media platforms. If you ran an ice cream shop, your statement could be “Like us on Facebook to keep up with our flavor of the day”.

Direct interactivity with social media is also being integrated into some digital signage, in which allows the user to post messages and photos to Facebook and Twitter as well.

Build Your Brand

With digital signage, you are able to help build your brand. With the flexibility of the digital screen you are able to highlight your company. If you organized and sponsored a local charity event, had an ice cream sundae eating contest, art auction, or some other event – make sure you include pictures as they tell a story and oftentimes make people want to attend your next event.

Customer Satisfaction

One of the greatest things with digital signage is the amount of information that can be provided for the customer. From a full restaurant menu with pricing information, nutritional information, maps to find their bearings while shopping, fire exit information, and even in some cases the weather – customers are able to have a lot better access to information without having to wait for assistance.

Ease of Use

Content for your digital signs can be created by a specialist firm, or you can create the content on your own by using a CMS or Content Management System. With the CMS tools are built right in so that you are able to combine audio, image, video and interactivity pretty easily.

Your digital sign can be just about anywhere – in your building, in your parking lot, or in the next town. There would need to be a wireless connection, and it is very easy to install a wireless bridge to your digital sign. It is important to protect the security of your sign and its content, and there is advanced encryption technology available to with protecting your sign.

Impulse Buys

Within sales it has been found that for those that use digital signage to advertise, increased sales and impulse buys have been noticed; as the signs tend to grab attention.