5 Cheap Cigars that are High-Quality

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If are interested in the aromatic world of cigars, you may be hesitant because of the prices. While it is true that there are luxury cigars that can cost hundreds of dollars each, they are a minority. There are quality cigars available on the market that fit just about any budget. For the optimal cigar smoking experience, you do not have to spend a fortune. Just buy the best quality cigars within your budget. Here are 5 examples of great cigars for reasonable prices. Some can cost as little as $5 a cigar:

1. Alec Bradley American Classic

These toro-style cigars are handmade in Honduras with Connecticut sun-aged wrappers. The taste is mild enough for a novice, yet it has a flavor profile that can please an experienced cigar enthusiast. Some reviewers have picked up on nuances of espresso or dark chocolate. It is a great smoke that you can enjoy around the house or after a day mowing the lawn.

2. El Rey del Mundo (non-Cuban)

This quality cigar is called “King of the World” for a good reason. Each cigar is hand-wrapped in white tissue paper and has a sweet, woodsy taste with hints of flora and tea. It smokes easily with a clean, white ash down to the tip. These great Honduras Robustos would pair perfectly with a sweet bourbon and a relaxing evening with family or friends.

3. Padron 2000 Maduro

If you are looking for a reasonably-priced cigar with complex flavors, you may consider this Robusto made in Nicaragua. Fans say that it has the delicious lower flavor notes of mocha with an earthy hint of pepper. It is not wrapped to look fancy; however, the price and the taste make it a good buy. This would be a good smoke that you would enjoy with a bottle of your favorite beer and your poker buddies.

4. Gurkha Royal Challenge

It is unusual to find such a hybrid cigar with wrappers from Ecuador, fillers from the Dominican Republic, and Honduran binders. The combination works for this Robusto. It delivers creamy hints of vanilla, light musk, and a touch of citrus. The smoke is rich and clean and would probably be an ideal after-dinner smoke with a dessert wine.

5. Brickhouse: Churchill

Have you been searching for a great cigar to pair with your favorite stout or ale? You may want to try a Brickhouse. This Nicaraguan product is top-rated for its velvety sheen and firm texture. It draws easily and smokes clean. There are subtle floral flavors infused with honey and a nutty finish. In addition to the Churchill, they are available in other styles. With its flavor, quality, and reasonable price, the Brickhouse could easily become a favorite in your humidor.