5 Electronic Cigarette Myths Debunked

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There’s a lot of disinformation floating around out there when it comes to electronic cigarettes, but do you know how to sort out fact from fiction? In this blog we’re going to debunk the top 5 electronic cigarette myths, so let’s get started.


“Electronic Cigarettes Are Just as Bad as Real Cigarettes”


You hear this a lot from the anti-vaping crowd, that electronic cigarettes are just as if not more dangerous that traditional tobacco cigarettes.


That simply isn’t true, though.


The FDA has tested many e-liquids and found trace amounts of carcinogens, which sounds bad on its face. But the FDA has also found trace amounts of carcinogens in just about everything we consume from fruits, vegetables, cosmetics and even water. But tobacco cigarettes contain unsafe levels of carcinogens that have been proven to cause cancer.


“E-liquids Contain Anti-Freeze”


This one is also false, and stems from a mixup over a chemistry.


Anti-freeze contains diethylene glycol, the toxic chemical in anti-freeze that makes people sick. It also contains something known as propylene glycol, which the FDA has extensively tested and proven safe – it’s actually added to anti-freeze to make it less poisonous in case of ingestion.


Propylene glycol is the base for many e-liquids, it’s safe and won’t make you sick. Some tests have shown trace amounts of diethylene glycol but they were few and far between. So no, e-liquids don’t contain anti-freeze.


“Second-Hand Vapor is Worse Than Second-Hand Smoke”


You’ll hear this one a lot too, but it takes us back to our first myth about e-cigarettes being just as bad as tobacco – they’re not.


The vapor we exhale has even fewer amounts of active compounds as the vapor we breathe in with an e-cig. The FDA and the American Cancer Society have both tested second-hand vapor and the studies show that it only contains a trace amount of carcinogens.


“Electronic Cigarettes Are Dangerous to Kids and Teens”


Another myth, mainly put forward by anti-smoking advocates that are worried that vaping will be a “gateway drug” to traditional tobacco cigarettes. The truth of the matter is this has been proven again and again to be false.


More young people (18 to 30) vape than people 30+, this is true. But most people who start off vaping don’t “graduate” to tobacco cigarettes. 20% of people aged 13 to 19 admitted to trying vaping once in their lifetime, and among that 20% only 30% of them admitted to vaping regularly.


“Companies Use Flavorful E-liquids to Get Kids to Start Vaping”


Our last myth is that the makers of e-cigs and e-liquids are using fun flavors and bright packaging to lure in kids… but this simply isn’t true. People of all ages like variety, and young people are less likely to be able to afford the habit (how many hundreds of dollars does the average cloud chaser sink into their modded vape?)

What myths and misconceptions have you encountered with vaping? We’d love to hear from you, so sound off in the comments below.