5 Maternity Clothing Staples to Have This Summer

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maternity swim

Congratulations! You’re pregnant! During the summer…ugh. Pregnancy can be a wonderful, beautiful, reflective time for any woman. They are also uncomfortable, itchy, and sometimes pretty gross. And let’s face it – summer pregnancies are extra difficult and uncomfortable. There are some wardrobe staples that can help get you through the hot summer months so you can focus on being a happy and healthy mama!

Cotton or jersey knit skirts
Breathable and somewhat stretchy are the keys to this game. Cotton and jersey knit skirts work great to slip on easily and for a little stretch to a growing belly. Skirts are also preferable to shorts since your legs will want to be free during these hot months.

Maternity swim suit
No one likes shopping for a bathing suit, especially when you know your body will be expanding and a little unpredictable. But trust me, you will want to be in a pool of cold water come July. Whether you choose a full body maternity suit, tankini, or opt for a bikini, make sure it’s something comfy and not too expensive as you’ll likely only be wearing it for one summer. (You’ll want a newer style next time around.)

Supportive flip flops or sandals
Your feet are bearing a bit more weight than they are used to, but you are probably not staying off of them as much as you should, especially if you already have little ones running around. Investing in a pair of solid supportive flip flops or sandals will keep you mobile and cool in the summer.

Flowy tank tops
Those tight tanks we wore pre-pregnancy can only stretch so much. A growing belly in a heat wave gets itchy and uncomfortable quickly in spaghetti strapped tanks. Instead, opt for light flowing tanks that have wider shoulder straps and won’t stick to your skin. A flowing fabric and design also ensures that it’s a quick fix for dressy occasions as well.

Maxi length dresses
Pregnancy is a beautiful thing, but can wreak havoc on parts of your body that tend to be exposed during the summer. Extra weight on your thighs, varicose veins, swollen ankles, and even just unshaved legs can easily and comfortably be hidden with a maxi-length dress. Again, these are often in cotton and tend to have a flowing design which also will keep you cooler as well as stylish.

A hot summer doesn’t have to put a damper on your pregnancy. With these summer wardrobe ideas, you’ll be the glowing mama you always imagined.