5 Reasons a Fishing Charter Adventure is Perfect for a Bachelor Trip

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You have many good choices for bachelor party events. If you are the best man, you better give your all to make the bachelor party the best it can be. Strip clubs are always fun, but sometimes you need to have a bachelor party that’s a bit more chill. Going on a fishing charter is an awesome activity for your bachelor party celebration. Take a look at these five reasons that a fishing charter adventure is perfect for a bachelor trip.

1. Fishing Is the Ultimate Guys’ Activity

Fishing is an activity that simply exudes manhood. Most guys love fishing, and even those who don’t know that doing a manly activity like fishing is perfect for a bachelor party. Nothing gets a man feeling ready to perform his marital duty on the honeymoon like getting in touch with his primal man on a charter fishing adventure.

2. The Guys Will Look Great in the Wedding Pictures

Have the fishing trip a week before the wedding, and the groom will have a nice tanned appearance in the wedding photos. All the guys in the wedding party will look great in the pictures taken at the wedding when the bachelor party heads for fishing fun in the sun. Just make sure to give it at least a few days after the fishing trip for any sunburns to fade.

3. Avoid Trouble

Many of the most popular bachelor party destinations are fraught with trouble. Heading to the strip club may sound cool to the guys, but the bride-to-be might not be so keen on it. Heading to a bar could even lead to issues like a fight or public intoxication arrests. As long as everyone is safe driving there and back, a fishing charter is one of the safest bachelor party activities. All the women waiting for their guys to come back from the bachelor party will love the choice of a fishing charter as well.

4. Get Lucky

Another risky activity that is popular for a bachelor parties is gambling. Poker nights or casino trips may be fun, but the sad fact is that most of the group is likely to end the night a loser. On the other hand, a good charter fishing adventure will see every man come home lucky enough to land a fish.

5. A Set Cost

Going out for a night drinking, gambling or getting lap dances can quickly drain the partiers’ bank balances. A fishing charter is a set cost that you can count on. You never have to worry about spending more than you want when you decide to go fishing for your bachelor party.

As you can see, heading out for a fishing charter is a smart way to go for a bachelor party. The fun is safe and reasonable priced. Any bachelor party planning should include charter fishing as an option.