5 Smart Tips For Organizing Your Packing Schedule For A Move

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According to the U.S. Census Bureau, about 12 percent of Americans move each year. Having a plan for packing before a move is essential for avoiding last-minute stress and preventing last-minute surprises. While this timetable assumes that you have at least a month to pack your belongings, feel free to adjust it a needed.

1. Things That You Need To Buy One Month Before Moving

Start collecting cardboard boxes, packing materials, tape and sharpies to write on the boxes. Buy colorful stickers to place on boxes to designate which room the box goes to in your new home. You will always need more boxes and tape than you though you would, so get more than you believe that you’ll need, so you don’t have to interrupt your final week of packing to run to the store for more supplies.

2. To Do List For Three Weeks Before Moving

Repack storage boxes in your attic, getting rid of anything that you don’t need anymore. Do the same in your garage, carport or storage building so when the big day arrives, everything is ready to go in clean, well-taped boxes.

Buy clear plastic storage totes in various sizes that will fit inside your closets. Pack linens, shoes, and other items in your closets, leaving out only what you will need. Your belonging will be ready to go on moving day and you can just place the totes in the closets of your new home for instantly organized space.

3. Decisions You Need To Make At Least Two Weeks Before Moving

If you need to move a lawn mover, ATV, snow blower or any similar item that holds hazardous materials, drain the fuel tank for the move after you mow the lawn for the last time or after you’ve taken your final ride.

Decide what you’ll do with live houseplants; plants don’t do well in moving trucks. If you only have a few small plants, you easily take them in your car, however, if you have large plants, you might want to give them away.

Movers usually won’t transport firearms, so ensure you have a safe method of transporting your guns yourself. According to the ATF, you can ship your firearms to yourself, unless prohibited by state or local laws.

4. To-Do List For At Least Two Weeks Before Moving

Pack all items that you won’t use before the move, such as small kitchen appliances, books and decorative items. Designate a box or tote for each family member where they will place items that they will need immediately in the new home, such as toilet tissue, medicines or a coffee maker and coffee. This gives everyone a chance to decide what is essential to them and it gives you an idea of how much room these items will take up in your vehicle.

5. The Final Week

Pack the rest of your belongings, leaving yourself at least a day or two to relax before your move. Finally, pack your last few dishes and glasses and order pizzas and buy drinks in can or bottles so you have nothing to do at the last minute except take out the trash.