5 Ways to Transform Your Patio This Summer

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Having a patio attached to your home provides you with the perfect place for grilling out with friends, watching the sun rise and set every day and just relaxing with your family or a good book. If you’re like most homeowners though, you probably use the same furniture and decorations year after year. You might worry that redecorating will take too much money or that you don’t have enough time in your schedule to make those changes. Using some of the hottest trends for the coming season and some classic decorating tips will help you transform your old patio.

Poured Concrete

According to HGTV, one of the hottest trends in porches and patios today is the use of poured concrete. With poured concrete, builders place a frame that creates the outline of the patio on the ground, pour in the concrete, pack and smooth the wet concrete and wait for it to dry before removing that frame. Those installers can now use a stamping process to create a custom design on that concrete. Even if you already have an existing patio, those installers can pour new concrete directly on top and stamp in the pattern while it’s still wet. Contractors can dye or color the concrete too.

Natural Furniture

Using natural furniture is another easy way to update your patio. Look for pieces made from wicker that features a clear sealant on the wicker. Chairs and outdoor couches made from plastic or a similar material that looks like wicker is a hot trend, especially when mixed with throw pillows and decorations in bright colors.

Outdoor Fire Pits

Give your patio a more welcoming feel with the addition of an outdoor fire pit. These fire pits come in both wood and gas models and use safety features to reduce the risk of fires breaking out and injuries occurring. You can curl up by the fire on a cool night and even cook over the flames.

Nautical Decorations

Create a trendier look on your patio with nautical decorations. Look for pieces in classic shades of royal blue and white or cream and patterns like stripes. You can even bring in funky accessories and decorations that incorporate seashells, sailboats and other nautical designs.

Outdoor Kitchen

According to Hardware Retailing, one of the hottest trends that homeowners use on their decks and patios is a simple grill. That grill can serve as the focal point of your outdoor kitchen. Add a small counter area or prep station, a few chairs for guests to watch you cook and organizational tools for all your kitchen supplies.

Make your patio look great and work better for you with things like nautical decorations and outdoor fire pits that transform the space and help you entertain with style.