6 Reasons You Should Have a Real Estate Agent

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With the rise of the internet, many people are trying to do everything on their own. You only need to google some facts about real estate, and you will be good to go, right? Unfortunately, real estate is a complicated subject, and you can’t just take an overnight crash course on it.


So without further ado, here are six reasons why you should have a real estate agent:


1. Knowledge of the Neighborhood


Real estate agents are continually following home sales in the neighborhood and have details on the last sale. They know how much the house was finally sold at and what tactics the seller used. They know the statistics on crime and other variables and can easily compare your area with a different location. That way, they can help you set a competitive, yet profitable, price.


2. Experience


Real estate agents have sold many homes before and are aware of the dynamics in the industry. They know what to consider when setting a price for the home. Their experience also allows them to get you the highest price possible.


3. It Takes a Lot of Time


Selling a home involves a lot of paperwork, most of which you probably don’t understand. If you have a job, you also don’t have the time to show the house to potential buyers.


4. Referrals


Before the sale, your home will need repairs and inspection. The personnel required for these jobs are well-known to real estate agents, so you can quickly get good referrals. That way, you can access quality service without actually shopping around.


5. Understanding Contracts


The law covers the buying and selling of homes. At some point, you may want to back out of a deal but will be hindered by the contract. Real estate agents continuously deal with these issues and know the options you have as per the agreement.


6. Real Estate Agents are Legally Required to be Honest


Real estate agents cannot comfortably lie to you and get away with it. They are required by the law to act in your best interest and to give you the information you need before making significant steps. Besides, most agents need you to refer them to friends and family so they can stay in business. They wouldn’t be willing to damage their reputation for a single deal.


Many things are going obsolete in this day and age. However, we still can’t replace certain professionals. Selling a house takes a lot of effort and experience. Otherwise, you can easily get into lawsuits or even sell a house at a major loss. Real estate agents will work in your best interest to make an agreeable sale.