Buying in Bulk: How to Avoid Wasting Product

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When you start talking about saving money, one of the first things many friends will recommend is buying in bulk. “It’ll save you a ton!” they insist. When you can buy larger amounts of product at a lower cost than buying smaller amounts, you can save plenty of money. There’s just one problem: it only works if you actually use the product you’ve purchased. If the product goes to waste, you’re going to end up wasting both food and money. Hoping to buy in bulk without letting it go to waste? Try some of these strategies.

Know What You Use

An active family of 6, several of whom eat cereal every morning for breakfast, can easily go through six or seven boxes of cereal in a week. A family of four that usually has a hot breakfast, on the other hand, won’t use much cereal. Take the time to consider how much of a product your family will actually use before it goes bad. Keep in mind how it’s packaged: smaller containers inside the larger one will keep longer than one big package. Don’t get sucked in with the “great deals” at a warehouse store; instead, go with a list that takes into consideration products that your family actually uses and how much of them you need. When you know which products your family uses frequently, on the other hand, there are plenty of great items you can buy in bulk.

Shop the Right Products

There are plenty of lists of products that shouldn’t be purchased in bulk. These include things like condiments, which typically go bad before you can get to the end of the bottle, and medications and sunscreen, which can expire quickly once they’re open. Once again, it comes down to knowing how much your family uses. Purchasing a huge bottle of ketchup for an extended family barbecue is one thing. Keeping it in your fridge to feed a small family of four will result in wasted product.

Taste Test First

The last thing you want to do is end up with a ton of food that no one in your family actually wants to eat. It’s one thing to pick up a small container of store-brand lunch meat, only to discover that the taste isn’t the same as the higher-quality version. It’s another thing entirely to end up with a huge container of lunch meat that sits in the fridge for weeks, ultimately being thrown away because no one wants to eat it. Make sure that you and your family members like a product before you decide to buy a ton of it to reap the real benefits of bulk shopping.

Buying in bulk has a number of advantages when it’s done correctly. By choosing your purchases carefully, you can minimize waste and maximize savings through bulk purchases. When you actually consume all of the product you’ve purchased, you’re cashing in on those savings!