How to Choose the Perfect Engagement Ring: 5 Helpful Tips

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You’ve found the person you want to spend the rest of your life with, but finding the ring can be more difficult than you thought. How can you possibly put all of your sentiments in a tiny piece of jewelry that will be worn for eternity? Well, do not stress about it. Here are five tips to help you find that perfect ring.

Don’t Look At Size/Focus at Meaning

The wedding rings of today are not at all what they were two decades ago. In fact, you may find women wearing ruby rings or some other precious gemstone. The goal is to pick out something that your partner wants, not what you want. Go bold and be different. Remember there are more than one color of diamond and tons of shapes. It is all about the commitment and the ring is a mere symbol.

Buy Only What You Can Afford

If your budget says $2,000 but your heart is thinking more like $8,000; stick with what you can afford. So many people go into debt and have to pay off these rings for the next 20 years. It is better to start smaller and then work your way up. You can always add another diamond or band later on. The last thing a couple of newlyweds need is the looming debt from a ring.

Go For Sentimentality

Has your partner ever mentioned a specific size or shape that they really like? Try to buy something they will like and not yours. It is easy to be lured into a major purchase when shopping in a store, but everything that sparkles is not always the best bet. Try to get something that will appease your partner and not you. It may be a ring that reminds them of their grandmother or mom’s ring. Perhaps, it is a colored stone that means something special too. Do not limit yourself to the sparkle factor.

Learn about the 4 C’s

Probably the most important thing to remember about shopping for a ring is the 4 c’s. The 4 C’s are cut, color, clarity and carat weight. You want to make sure that the ring has a great cut, good color, and excellent clarity.

Always Buy From A Reputable Jeweler

Sure it may be tempting to stop at a pawn shop and get a deep discount, but buying a diamond ring from a certified gem expert is always best. Not only do they give packages that allow you to have them cleaned and such, but they also guarantee the 4 C’s listed above. A pawn shop sells as is and usually gives no guarantees.

Buying a ring is an important step. Make sure that you choose the right one and take your time. If you do not like what you see at one store, move on to the next. Until you find the perfect ring, keep on shopping.