How-To Increase Recycling Efforts in Your Community

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If your local community is not trying to do enough recycling, then it is time to make suggestions to government officials and your neighbors. By recycling items in your city, you are helping to prevent pollution to the soil, water and air to preserve these valuable resources for future generations.

One: Teach Recycling Classes at Schools and Organizations

Reach out to the schools in your area to ask about offering a free class for students to learn more about the importance of recycling in their homes and classrooms. You can also provide classes at public libraries to teach adults how to recycle more items that are used inside a home.

Two: Begin a Recycling Program at Your Workplace

Work environments create a lot of trash that is recyclable, but management might not understand how to collect recyclable items. You can provide solutions for a company by placing containers in break rooms for employees to throw away aluminum beverage cans or plastic water bottles. In addition, it is possible for businesses to recycle paper and ink toner cartridges.

Three: Plan a Special Event at a Local Park

To reach more people in a community to teach them about the value of recycling, plan a special event at a local park. A great day to have this type of event is Earth Day because this is the day set aside by the government to appreciate the earth’s environmental systems such as oceans and land. Ask local businesses to participate and offer free samples to visitors.

Four: Meet with Local Garbage Collection Companies

You can meet with local garbage collection companies to discuss improvements in its recycling rates. If a community’s trash collectors provide sturdy plastic recycling bins and make the process of disposing of paper, metal and glass easier, then more people are likely to participate in the effort.

Five: Place Signs and Banners throughout a City

Use billboards and other signage to inform the residents of a community about the importance of recycling. Local businesses are often willing to have signs placed on storefront windows to help customers understand how to recycle.

Six: Participate in Neighborhood Cleanups

Arrange neighborhood cleanups that involve people walking around to pick up trash that is on the ground. Make sure to provide trash bags, protective gloves and grabbing tools that make it easier for volunteers to collect bottles and paper.

Seven: Have a Nearby Recycling Center

Many people want to recycle but do not want to drive to a distant location to get rid of items. If a recycling center opens in a town, then its residents are more likely to take items to the location, helping to avoid filling up local landfills.