The Top Advantages of Having Your Children Read News Articles

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No matter the age of your child, reading news articles is an excellent supplement to his or her education. With the importance of leadership skills, the ability to check facts, and critical thinking, news articles can provide a solid foundation for your child’s success.


Reading skills are vital to a successful education and career. The sooner your children begin reading, the more they will excel in school. For better or for worse, standardized tests have a huge impact on today’s students. Likewise, public schools often don’t challenge students as well as they could, especially when faced with a large number of students at a wide range of skill levels. Supplementary material outside of school is the key to your child’s success, which is why it’s vital your children read early and often. Even reading news articles aloud with your child will help foster a love of reading that will serve them well in later years.

A Global Perspective

In this increasingly globalized world, students need to be aware of current events. Whether that involves the impact volunteering can have on the community or the daily life of on individual halfway across the world, news articles will provide your child with a global perspective. Some parents may be apprehensive of their children reading about the grueling topics seen in today’s news, but it’s possible to filter out excessively violent and traumatic content while still providing your child with the facts. There are even quality news sources aimed directly at kids that give a comprehensive, introductory overview of each topic covered.

Fact-Checking Skills

Perhaps the most important benefit of having your child read news articles from a wide variety of sources is what it can teach him or her about journalistic integrity, fact-checking, and bias. The ability to discern between accurate content and articles without quality sources is incredibly valuable. Whether your child will pursue a life in academia or simply needs the ability to ward off false claims and over-dramatic marketing, reading news articles will have an undeniably positive impact on your child’s future.

Independent Thinking

As much as a K-12 education can prepare students to answer multiple choice questions, emphasis on independent thinking and discussion can be hit-or-miss depending on your district, your school, and even your child’s teachers. That’s why it’s incredibly valuable to grow your child’s independent thinking skills through reading and discussion. Rather than simply memorizing facts, your child will digest information and think about its significance. These skills are highly necessary for any child who wants to become a leader, an entrepreneur, a creative professional, or simply someone who doesn’t depend on others for their ideas.