The Worst Kitchen Remodel Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

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The kitchen is an easy room in the home to remodel as there are various areas to paint and appliances that can be added or exchanged. It’s also one of the easiest rooms where you can make remodeling mistakes as there is plumbing and electrical work to consider. Mistakes can also take place when it comes to the storage and shelving in the kitchen. There are some tips to keep in mind when it comes to mistakes so that you don’t make them in your home.

Small Spaces
When you think about remodeling, you probably have your mind on the larger items, such as the walls, cabinets and appliances. Don’t forget about the small stuff that can make life in the kitchen somewhat easier. Add dividers in the drawers so that all of the utensils are kept separate. You should also consider some cabinet storage solutions to make it easier to keep cans, boxes and other items in one place and convenient to get when they are needed.

The Work Space
Think about the areas where you work the most in the kitchen. Don’t just make over the colors and accessories. The stove, refrigerator and sink are the top three areas where you will be working. Create a pathway that makes it east to get from one area to another while preparing meals and cooking. Remove islands and other items in the kitchen to make space if needed so that it’s easier to make your way safely from one area to another. One of the things to keep in mind is that the floor between each space could get slippery with water or other liquids, so consider adding a rug or non-slip flooring.

The counter is one of the most important areas in the kitchen. It’s where you will prepare meals and serve them to family and friends. When some remodel the kitchen, they often neglect the counter space. Don’t settle for anything less than you deserve in this area as you likely won’t be able to get it back once it’s removed. Consider simply remodeling the top of the counter with granite or a material that is easy to keep clean instead of removing the counters. If you decide to remove any counter space, try to make up for it by adding an island in the center of the room so that you still have the preparation station for meals.